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Grooming Salon & Spa
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Our dogs own our hearts and rule our lives. As owners of Paws & Claws our priority is to provide excellent products, services and staff for Greenville’s pets. By offering everything from healthy foods and tasty treats to fancy collars and cozy beds, we want to give our pets and yours nothing less than the best!

Our grooming salon is a relaxing setting to leave your dog with us for a couple of hours of spa time as well as play time! He or she will get a blueberry facial, a game of “catch the treat” and a walk around the building.

But don’t let us have all the fun!!! Our Do It Yourself Dog Wash is a fun place to spend quality time with your pet. We offer weekly specials, professional grooming products, and a tv so you can watch the games while you wash your dog. We also take care of the mess!

Our professional and expert staff is available in store and online to answer all of your pet questions. If you are looking for a new food for your dog’s allergies, or a challenging toy for your new puppy, we listen and suggest the best products for your pets! We encourage you and your pets to visit Paws & Claws today.
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