About Us

“Getting our first dog really changed our lives,” says Christy Jordal of her and husband JJ’s first baby, Tucker. “We couldn’t find what we were looking for as pet owners when it came to products and services.”

At the time Christy was nearly 10 years into a successful and rewarding career as a chemist for C.H. Patrick in the textile chemical division. As textile jobs were moving overseas, she says she began to see the writing on the wall. On a night out with girlfriends, discussing their futures over a glass of wine, Christy mentioned that she hoped to somehow work with animals one day. Another friend happened to know Paws & Claws was up for sale, and serendipity ensued.

“We happened to be the perfect owners they were looking for,” Christy says.

The Jordals took ownership of Paws & Claws in March 2005. JJ kept his day job as sales manager at Bradshaw Acura, but is still deeply involved with decision making and the philosophy behind the brand.

Paws & Claws has loyal customers across the state and across state lines who drive the distance to let their dogs belly up to the bone bar for high-quality, all-natural treats, or to be pampered by certified groomers.

“We’ve worked hard to listen to what customers want and pets need, and we’ve developed a reputation for being the best place to bring your dog,” Christy says. The do-it-yourself dogwash is another popular feature, with elevated tubs, entry ramps, and all the supplies needed to get Fido fresh and clean.

“And then you walk away from the mess,” Christy says.

Christy is passionate about helping foster the sense of community among pet owners. They were involved in starting the dog park in Cleveland Park and are regular participants in fundraisers for the Greenville Humane Society and Greenville Animal Care. Paws & Claws also sponsors three resident therapy dogs at GHS Children’s Hospital.